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Focusing our work in the Lake George, Saratoga Springs, Glens Falls and the Adirondack North Country regions of New York, we are a Roofing Contractor with over 25 years experience offering a comprehensive range of Commercial and Residential roofing services & products.

Roof Repair


Leaking roofs are one of the most common problems encountered by homeowners. If you are in need of a roof repair company, look no further than Adirondack

Roofing LLC.


A leaking roof  is a serious condition and if left untreated can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home. Even a small hole can lead to mold damage, water leakage, insulation destruction, damage to sub-roofing and wood structure…the list goes on. It is therefore very important to repair roof leaks as soon as possible to avoid further damage.


We at Adirondack Roofing can handle any problem and repair you may need whether it be a simple leak or major structural damage.


Determining the source of the leak can be rather difficult. It could be missing shingles or any other number of possibilities. The best course of action is to call in an experienced roofer to diagnose the problem for you. Adirondack Roofing is a full service roofing company that will gladly evaluate your problem and give you a FREE estimate for the cost of repairs.  Often we can locate the source of the leak and have it patched, sealed, or replace the damaged or missing shingles. If the problem is of a larger magnitude, we can tarp off the roof section while repairs are coordinated.


If your roof leaks, don’t wait for the damage to escalate. Contact us and we will remedy your problem fast!



Snow Removal:


Thick snow on a roof can be extremely difficult to get rid of, especially if the weather has been so severe that it’s left it frozen. Ideally, snow that has set on a pitched roof should be removed as soon as possible because a buildup of snow can cause structural damage to the property and may lead to the creation of an ice dam (see image). However, you should never try to remove the snow and ice yourself as roofs are dangerous at the best of times, and especially in severe winter conditions.


We at Adirondack Roofing can take care of your problem in a safe and timely manner for a very reasonable cost. Be sure to call us at the first sign of a problem! This will save you both time and money in the long run!